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The Pro-Tek Vehicle Cover design concept was created by President and Founder Ronald “Ron” Jordache.  While living in Florida, Ron did not have a traditional garage to minimize his vehicle being exposed to the weather elements such as salt spray, extreme heat changes and other harsh environmental conditions. 

His vision for the Pro-Tek Vehicle Cover with its automatic collapsible mini-garage design is to provide an affordable option to a garage.

Pro-Tek Shield Systems is committed to a path of advanced product technology and design functions to create and provide covering products for the future.


To provide the consumer with “The Next Generation of Vehicle Covers”, by using our patented innovative mini-garage design. To provide a great working environment for our employees to create stakeholders and to celebrate their contributions. Our ultimate vision is to provide financial resources to non-profits that provide help to our fellow human being. “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

Our Founder

Ronald “Ron” Jordache


Ron is a self-made success and entrepreneur, plus the visionary captain behind the Pro-Tek Vehicle cover. Prior to creating Pro-Tek Shield Systems, Ron took advantage of the building boom in Florida at the time and established a large and successful home improvement and remodeling company. It was during the tenure of his company that Ron first conceived the Pro-Tek vehicle cover idea while living and running his construction business in South Florida. He spent his spare time researching vehicle cover products and found that none of them could compare to his idea and now invention. In the beginning stages of his vehicle cover idea, he hired two engineers to help him further the product’s core design. Ron set aside his Pro-Tek vehicle cover idea until moving to Banner Elk, North Carolina.  That is where Ron received the motivation and encouragement to move forward with his idea. Ron is a natural-born salesperson and is the lead force behind Pro-Tek’s sales management and product development team.


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