The Pro–Tek Cover is a revolutionary new collapsible mini-garage designed to deliver total environmental protection for vehicles when a garage or carport is not available.

The Pro–Tek Cover is made of a lightweight fabric material with many weather resistant properties which canopies over a state-of-the-art mechanized aluminum frame, operated by an electric motor and powered by rechargeable batteries.

The Pro–Tek’s design is lightweight, easy to use and totally encloses a vehicle without ever touching it.  The Pro–Tek Cover raises from a semi-flat open position to completely cover and protect the vehicle. Pro–Tek Cover easily deploys automatically by a remote key fob device, all in less than 30 seconds.

The Pro–Tek Cover is an amazing and complete vehicle shelter that really protects!

collapsible mini-garage



Tie-Down Slip Covers:

  • Traditional vehicle covers can be hard to install by one person.
  • Any dirt or debris on the vehicle’s surface can scratch the vehicle’s surface when the cover drags along its surface during installation.
  • Vehicle covers can cause debris and moisture to be trapped within the cover and can potentially cause damage to the vehicle paint surface.
  • Thin nylon cover or plasticized paper type cover can be very difficult to use in any kind of breeze.
  • Most covers require the user to secure/lock the cover to the vehicle to prevent wind removal or theft.

Canopy Styled or Metal Framed Carport Styled Structures:

  • Canopy styled covers can be cumbersome to install and do not fully protect the vehicle.
  • Usually, covers of this type are not visually appealing.
  • They only offer overhead protection for the vehicle while the sides of the canopy/carport remain open providing no protection from most of the outdoor elements.
  • Metal framed type carports are usually permanent structures that do not offer the ability to easily transfer locations for set up and may require permits to install.



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